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CBD has become quite popular as it is helpful in controlling anxiety, providing relief from chronic pain, improving our heart as well as brain health.

However, do you know CBD can also help in your weight loss objective too?

In this article, we shall try to explore how CBD can also help us to reduce our weight too. Following are few potential effects that can be caused due to CBD intake.

  • CBD can improve our metabolism

Many research results are pointing to the few effects of CBD which can help in improving our metabolism and also can reduce intake of our food. Both these can help in reducing weight.

With animal trial it has been seen that after consuming CBD the CB1 and CB2 receptor may interact in our brain as well as in lymphoid tissues.

Rats were injected CBD and it was observed that there was significant reduction in their body weight.

In another study, it was found that food intake was drastically reduced with CBD as compared to few other forms of Cannabinoids.

Though human trial has still not been conducted so far.

  • CBD can promote converting fat cells into brown

In our body there are two different types of fat cells:

  • White cells
  • Brown cells

Mainly white cells are present in our body which is responsible for creating energy in our body and also provide cushioning to our various other organs.

When white fat cells become in excess then it can create heart diseases and diabetes etc.

On the contrary, brown fat cells can generate heat within the body which can burn the fat cells. Healthy people usually have more amounts of brown cells.

One can also increase brown cells by proper exercise, better sleep and also by exposing to cold temperatures.

Research has shown that brown cells can also be increased with CBD. However, human trials have not yet been done in this regard

Should you take CBD for your weight loss?

So far research has shown that CBD can be responsible for both increasing as well as reducing body weight. For few groups of people CBD has reduced their hunger while with few other groups, it was found to be increasing appetite.

Therefore, more amount of research is necessary to prove whether CBD can really support our health reduction program.

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